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DO-IT-YOURSELF FASHION! - This tie dye kit includes 3 custom color dyes (DON’T MAKE ME BLUSH, LIFE’S A DREAM…SICLE, BABY BELUGA BLUE) in easy-squeeze bottles. Also included in the kit: 3 blank scrunchies, 1 blank bandana, 2 bags of soda ash, 3 pairs of gloves, 20 rubber bands, and an easy-to-follow dye technique guide.
FROM BLANK TO SWANK - Whether they’re in your hair or on your wrist, your scrunchies will be LIT with a little tie dye! And your bandana will be on-point as a colorful headband, neck scarf or face mask! Now you can sport your own custom designs by turning any natural fabric item From Blank to Swank! Try any of the 4 different techniques from the dye guide, you can make Sic Stripes-Bruh, Spill the Tea Spirals, The Crumple-stiltskin, or Bull's Eye Oop-. Endless possibilities!
FUN FOR EVERYONE - Our non-toxic and fumeless color dyes let DIY creators of all ages get in on the trend. Our no-mess squeeze bottles and gloves are easy for any size hand to use.
Made in China

8.6" l x 6.7" w x 3.1" h

0.4 lb