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DISPLAY Sonny Angel Mini Figure: Birthday Gift

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This time Sonny Angel come dressed in adorable birthday cakes!

Decorated in motifs such as heart shapes and ribbons made them so gorgeous and adorable.

And check out the new package with a space to write your own message as a gift.

These Sonny Angels are perfect as a birthday gift, or to add to your own collection!

1 piece. 6 kinds. Blind Boxed.
Plus secret figures and Robby Angel to look out for!
Please note secret figures appear randomly.

Sonny Angels are adorable little naked dolls with a pair of little wings on their backs, each with a different adornment on their heads. You can collect them, play with them, or display them on your shelf to put a smile on your face. Makes a perfect gift!

It's a surprise! 
Sonny Angel is a collectors items so each figure is randomly packaged in a blind box, meaning you won't know which figure you'll get until you open the box! This makes for a fun and exciting surprise.

Mini figure measures approx 3" tall. Recommended age: 3+