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written by Vera Arita, illustrated by Ron Louie

5 x 6 inches


This ground-breaking book is specifically designed to begin introducing young children to phonics through a vibrantly illustrated text that can be read or sung to an original musical score by the author, Vera Arita. It’s such a fun, whimsical book that kids won’t even know they’re learning. As a special education teacher for over 25 years, Arita wanted to share a book that would help kids remember how to sound-out letters through repetition, visual cues, movement.

Each letter can be traced by hand. By doing so, your child will learn how to write the letter and will also remember the name and sound of the letter through his/her movement. The text, so simple and so fun, repeats the sound of the letter, and the beautiful, whimsical illustrations by Ron Louie help put a picture to the sound.

But besides the learning involved, this is a fun, colorful board book just for local kids with animals, things, and places they can relate to.