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Wood Eats! Super Sandwich Set is a fun wooden play food from Imagination Generation

Start by slicing your bread on the cutting board. Listen to the SCRRTCH as you really slice it apart! Lettuce, tomato, cheese, cucumber, salami--what do you like on your sandwich? Pile on whatever you like, and watch it stack higher and higher! When it's done, serve it up on the plate and enjoy! You can even make a second sandwich for a friend--or if you're hungry, have both yourself!

Wood Eats! Super Sandwich Set includes four slices of bread, tomato, cucumbers, cheese, lettuce, salami, and a bottle of ketchup, as well as a knife, a cutting board, and a serving plate.

Independent, pretend play is crucial for young learners, and what better instruction tool than sandwiches? Stacking up new combinations of ingredients and slicing them apart refines fine motor skills, even portion sizes and healthy food choices. Bet you didn't know sandwiches were delicious and educational. 

  • Solid Wood
  • Sanded Smooth
  • Safe Water-Based Paints
  • For Ages 3+