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Wood Eats! Mix and Match Magnetic Pan Pizza is a fun wooden play food from Imagination Generation.

Love pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, ham? Pile 'em on! Just pick up your favorite topping, hold it to your slice, and feel it SNAP into place with the power of magnets. Or, if you prefer, a plain slice looks just as nice! When it's time to eat, slice up the pie with the rolling pizza cutter. Listen to the SCRRTCH as you really cut the pieces apart! How many meats and vegetables did you use? Can you name them? How many slices make a whole pizza pie?

Independent, pretend play is crucial for young learners, and what better instruction tool than pizza? Creating new topping combinations and slicing up pieces refines fine motor skills and while also teaching counting, fractions and matching. Bet you didn't know pizza was delicious AND educational!

Wood Eats! Mix and Match Magnetic Pan Pizza contains pepperoni, mushroom, ham, tomato, olive, onion, pepper, 6 plain slices, a rolling pizza cutter, and a big green pizza pan, all packaged in a real cardboard pizza box! 

  • Solid Wood
  • Sanded Smooth
  • Safe Water-Based Paints
  • For Ages 3+